How You Should Resign From Your Job

Resigning from your current job depends on the scenario that you are currently facing. Most of the time candidates resign from their jobs to join a better opportunity. A lot of people resign because they had enough of the job and can’t work there anymore. Resigning in a dignified way is what every employee wants and some people are not lucky enough to leave a company without burning bridges. Suppose you want to leave your job and have no idea how to do it. Follow these guidelines and you will be able to leave one a good note:

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    • First of all check your contract. What does it say about leaving? Some companies have rules that require the employees to serve a notice period before formally quitting their jobs. If you have that clause in your contract then serve that notice in an email addressed to the higher management, CEO and the HR department.


    • Don’t go around telling every one of your colleagues that you want to leave. Not everyone in the company is your friend. Just tell the higher management or your team leader or a senior colleague that you have finally decided to leave the company. Do not tell everyone before you get a green signal from the higher management. And it is better if you disclose this one week before you leave.


    • What is your reason for leaving? A lot of people are going to ask about this and the best answer is that you found a better opportunity that you couldn’t refuse. Do not in any case tell people any other reason, no matter how much you hate working there, do not let anyone know that you are leaving simply because you had enough.


    • Some companies may have an exit interview with you. This is usually not a standard procedure but usually this interview involves the higher management or the HR asking you why you are leaving. Stick to the answer stated above. There is no need to let them know what’s wrong with the company. Do not turn this into a consulting session and stick to the corporate answer. If there is nothing nice you can say, then just keep quiet and walk out of there.


  • Your resignation letter is probably the most important thing right now. What do you want to say in it? This is entirely up to you. If you enjoyed your work, then write a thankful email to your colleagues and the management. If you are glad to leave and had enough, then a quick resignation will be enough. A couple of lines about the reason and the date when you plan to leave will be enough. You can also ask the HR or the CEO to spread the word of you leaving the company or you can email your colleagues yourself later on before you leave.


The purpose of this article is to show you that a quiet departure is best and there is no need to criticize the company or management if you had a bad experience working there. And there is no need to use your resignation email to show your hatred towards your job.


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